How does a psychologist work in a case of depression?

What is a depression?

Depending on the number and intensity of symptoms, depressive episodes can be classified as mild, moderate or severe.

A fundamental distinction is established between depression in people with and without a history of manic episodes. Both types of depression can be chronic and recurrent, especially when they are not treated. In this sense, a great solution to treat this disease is offered by many psychologists, specialized in providing therapy for depression.

Unipolar depression

uring typical depressive episodes there is depressed mood, loss of interest and ability to enjoy, and reduced energy that produces a decrease in activity, all for a minimum of two weeks. Many people with depression also suffer from symptoms of anxiety, sleep and appetite disturbances, feelings of guilt and low self-esteem, difficulties in concentration and even symptoms without medical explanation.

Depending on the number and intensity of symptoms, depressive episodes can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. People with mild depressive episodes will have some difficulty in continuing with their usual work and social activities, although they probably will not stop them altogether.

In contrast, during a severe depressive episode it is very unlikely that the patient can maintain their

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Becoming a great conversationalist

Our quality of life, our social position and our success depend on our ability to communicate. How to become an interesting conversationalist? What are the secret tools of effective communication?

In this article, you will find some suggestions.

1. Learn to listen

To become an interesting conversationalist you have to learn how to listen!

Everyone likes to talk about themselves and their problems.

Knowing how to listen means understanding what the interlocutor communicates. Even if you do not agree, you must respect another point of view. You can express your opinion only after the other party has finished speaking.

Listening to each other carefully, you will immediately become a good listener to “entrust” their experiences and ask for advice.

2. Talk about what interests your interlocutor

If you want to attract a person’s attention, talk about what interests him.

Discover his hobbies, ask questions about his passions, talk about the topics that interest him.

Remember that the sphere of interests of the interlocutor is divided into six main categories of topics: “people”, “places”, “time”, “values”, “the procedure”, “costs”.

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Let me help you to manage anger and feel less frustrated (15 techniques)

Managing anger is not easy: this is why I decided to provide you with practical tips and strategies to learn how to control it. Usually anger – or frustration – arises without warning when one of our weaknesses is touched or when we find ourselves in a situation that generates in us a sense of impotence, disappointment or opposition. It is, therefore, an unsettling feeling, which blazes in us and impels us to perform actions or to pronounce uncontrolled and decomposed words. There is no scope of our life free from anger: at work, in a couple’s life, in a family, in friendships, in sport or in any other social dynamic. Every opportunity is a potential source of frustration and anger , even circumstances of “little”, which should never ever be taken on the personal and instead too often make us angry: for example, the traffic, the incessant rain, the queue at the supermarket checkouts, the latecomers, the crying baby, the not being able to eat certain foods because they are on a diet, the neighbor’s dog barking, the cell phone battery draining too quickly and so on. It is clear that systematically getting angry at trivial things, we end … Read the rest

How to decide what to do in life and give priorities

How to decide what to do in life? What action to take? How to set priorities? I think these are very problematic and insidious questions that we try to answer. The truth is that we often find ourselves in situations where we do not have the faintest idea of what to do. In fact, there are numerous opportunities – both in work and in private life – in which indecision assails us, confusing ideas and preventing us from establishing the next steps to be taken.

Therefore, in this article, I intend to give you a series of suggestions on how to decide what to do in life and what actions to take. First, we clarify one thing: being very busy and busy does not automatically mean doing what is important, necessary or decisive for our future. Indeed, it often happens that we devote all our time to urgent matters by neglecting those that are really meaningful and important. If we are overburdened with daily commitments and duties, if we are “too busy”, it is very likely that we are overshadowing something more important. But let’s see how you can prevent this from happening.

How to decide what to do in

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