How to decide what to do in life and give priorities

How to decide what to do in life? What action to take? How to set priorities? I think these are very problematic and insidious questions that we try to answer. The truth is that we often find ourselves in situations where we do not have the faintest idea of what to do. In fact, there are numerous opportunities – both in work and in private life – in which indecision assails us, confusing ideas and preventing us from establishing the next steps to be taken.

Therefore, in this article, I intend to give you a series of suggestions on how to decide what to do in life and what actions to take. First, we clarify one thing: being very busy and busy does not automatically mean doing what is important, necessary or decisive for our future. Indeed, it often happens that we devote all our time to urgent matters by neglecting those that are really meaningful and important. If we are overburdened with daily commitments and duties, if we are “too busy”, it is very likely that we are overshadowing something more important. But let’s see how you can prevent this from happening.

How to decide what to do in life

# 1. Pay attention to the surrounding environment

Every effective action begins only after paying close attention to the surrounding world. Analyzing what surrounds us is an inestimable ability to grasp a series of “details” and have more elements to understand what to do in life. Since we can not do everything we want or should, we are forced to choose an action to do by renouncing all the others. This is why it is essential to establish priorities. Ask yourself if the priorities you gave yourself during this period sincerely reflect what is really important to you. Are they consistent with your goals?Paying more attention to the environment that surrounds you can stimulate, inspire a particular initiative to be done and give you the push to do something new or different.

#2. Identify the goals

Wondering “what is my goal?” Is undoubtedly a great way to see if what you are doing is really what needs to be done. What do you care about most? What legacy do you want to leave? As already suggested in another article, there are a number of questions you should take to find your goals in life. The problem is that we often find it quite easy to devote ourselves to what we like; while it is much more difficult to shift interest and concentration on what we know we have to do. I do not say that we must renounce the hobbies or the flexibility that sometimes leads us to distract ourselves and experience a momentary serenity; I only say that we need to improve on the self-regulatory front, a very important habit to decide what to do in life.

# 3. Reflect on your life

Have you ever been the protagonist of an episode in which you thought you did not do anything wrong or out of place, but then thinking better you realized you were wrong and you apologized? Nobody is perfect: I, therefore, deduced that the answer to this question is “yes”. Or again: did you ever give a somewhat rash answer and realize that you could use different words, and certainly more effective? Here, these are examples of how a reflection can help us understand what is better or necessary todo.. Many of us, however, have such a hectic existence that they do not even have time to reflect. In this wa,y we pass from one commitment to another without even stopping to assess what really matters. And the less we reflect, the more we make mistakes! My advice then is to bring some questions that stimulate reflection: “what is the impact of my actions on the surrounding world? Is this really the most important action I can do now? Are my choices consistent with my values? Is there a better or kinder way to do the same? ”  Give yourself some thoughtful moments, a holiday or even a short retreat to a place where you can sit alone and think. Distance helps us to see things in a different, definitely clearer perspective, and opens up new perspectives. In short, look carefully at the general picture of your life, reflect on it and decide accordingly what to do (or not to do) .

# 4. Distinguish the urgency of the important

We must now consider another factor: the difference between what is urgent and what is really important . We often make the mistake of dedicating ourselves to what is urgently needed, because it has a deadline, while we postpone what does not have particular deadlines, even though it is a very important activity for our personal growth. Unfortunately, the urgent commitments can be so many and follow one another so quickly, one after the other, that we no longer have the time to dedicate ourselves to the most important commitments. Think about what’s really important to you, regardless of urgency. Ask yourself: “What really matters to me?” Even if these are long-term goals, which require a lot of time and many sacrifices, it is essential to start dealing with them now, with concrete actions. Activated immediately, start today to take the first step.  You can not live just thinking about solving the urgencies; you would waste your life!

# 5. Take risks

Almost all of us have a life tending to maintain the status quo. We continue to live in the same house and to do the same job. Even in our free time, we continue to dedicate ourselves to the same hobbies. Maybe even spend the holidays in the same place every year. What happens, however, continuing to live only experiences already known and to avoid the unexplored? In this way, life stops being an exciting adventure and everything becomes safer, but also boring and obvious. Unfortunately, we live in a society that pushes us to never run risks, to be prudent, to make sure, to protect ourselves.Of course, in some cases going on the safe side is good, but if this caution becomes a constant habit, we are inevitably stuck in our routine, safe but without panache and stimuli. Without having the courage to risk and leave your comfort zone, change becomes impossible. So, if you want to know what to do in your life, the first thing is to have a more risk-oriented approach . Give up safety and stability to venture into the unknown and take a risk is the most useful you can do to grow and change for the better! Know that anything significant you will do in your life will depend on the risks you will be willing to run.Do not be afraid to look for new ways. Also at the level of opinion: develop your thinking mind without ever conforming and undergoing the dominant or collective thinking. There is nothing more mediocre than a non-thinking mind, a mind that adapts to common thinking, without its own individuality and analytical skills. Are you willing to dare to discover and achieve your purpose? There is no safe way to do it.If you want to learn how to dive, sooner or later you will have to throw yourself in the water! Do you still have a long way to go? And so? What’s the problem? The first attempt probably will not go very well, and maybe not even the second one. Get used to wrong sometimes, and also the fear of failure and anxiety that will accompany you during this great adventure that is your personal growth; on the other hand, insecurities and doubts are normal when something new is dealt with. The biggest risk you can run is doing nothing while knowing you have to do something.At this moment it may not seem so serious to postpone any important project, but when you come to a point in your life where you can not do anything, you will regret all that you have not done, to those significant goals that you have always postponed. If you have a great project, a project that you feel important, something that stimulates you and ignites your enthusiasm, even a passion, then immediately start to get busy. The audacity in acting is the greatest power you have at your disposal; do not waste it!

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If you need to learn to make decisions and to risk in life, I recommend what – in my opinion – is a literary masterpiece on the subject: The Intelligent Investor.

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