They say that “everything enters through the eyes”, and it is true. Appearance and image are important. For example, when you go shopping and choose a dress, or a suit, the first thing you notice is its beauty, regardless of the type of fabric with which it was made, the brand, or the price.Another thing very different is if you can buy it or not, but at least you would like to have it.

It is not about discarding inner beauty, in any way. This beauty is the most important because it belongs to each human being, and it is stronger and more lasting in time. Therefore, you must integrate it to physical beauty because that way you feel more at ease with yourself in a complete way, in this way your self-esteem increases. It’s not about you having to be fashionable, but about having your own style, it’s not about pleasing others, but about liking yourself.

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Keep in mind that even if you do not present the stereotypes of beauty that have been socially considered, you should not feel downcast, or believe “ugly” or “ugly”, because people with healthy self-esteem are accepted as they are, and what’s more, they they love being like they are, they love each other, they love their body, and it is because they are clear about the most important thing of all: not to compare with anyone . But of course if someone loves you, they will also treat your body well and want to feel as attractive as you want.

It is true that perhaps you can not change naturally for example, the features you have, the size of the eyes, nose, skin color, etc., but you can follow the following recommendations in order to have an appearance more attractive:

  • Follow self-care routines that will lead you not only to have a more beautiful image, but also to preserve your health, hygiene and well-being. So, keep your nails and hair properly clean and well-groomed, moisturize your skin with some moisturizer. Eat healthy foods, increase the portion of fruits and vegetables, perform some type of exercise with a certain frequency.
  • Opt for cheerful colors to convey optimism or colors that highlight your skin tone.
  • Use your creativity Try not to look like anyone but yourself, but do it in a rather novel and eye-catching way so that you get out of the routine and feel better about yourself.
  • Keep in mind that it does not matter if you’re not going to leave the house or you’re not going to see someone in particular, you do not have to wait for a holiday to look great, because every day is special and you can always look the way you like it. .
  • The most important thing: Take what you have put safely, it is useless for example that a professional in fashion design has dressed and make up if you do not feel good and do not spread your joy to those around you. It is useless if with your gestures and attitudes it would seem that you will carry a sign that says: “I do not deserve to see myself well or I think I look ridiculous” . Therefore, allow yourself to walk with elegance, at a firm pace, looking into your interlocutor’s eyes, smiling and showing yourself as you are without fear, with all the self-love that you owe to yourself.

Enhance your beauty to increase your self-esteem through each of the physical attributes that you like most about yourself and accepting those that least attract attention, loving your total body and not partially, because it belongs to you and is the cover where you store the treasure you carry inside: your mind and feelings. It is said that the eyes are the window of the soul, I would say yes, and that then, your body is the entrance to the wonderful palace where you reign. Then take care of it in the best way and embellish it more every day to live happily there.

A hug for you all.

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