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Becoming a great conversationalist

Our quality of life, our social position and our success depend on our ability to communicate. How to become an interesting conversationalist? What are the secret tools of effective communication?

In this article, you will find some suggestions.

1. Learn to listen

To become an interesting conversationalist you have to learn how to listen!

Everyone likes to talk about themselves and their problems.

Knowing how to listen means understanding what the interlocutor communicates. Even if you do not agree, you must respect another point of view. You can express your opinion only after the other party has finished speaking.

Listening to each other carefully, you will immediately become a good listener to “entrust” their experiences and ask for advice.

2. Talk about what interests your interlocutor

If you want to attract a person’s attention, talk about what interests him.

Discover his hobbies, ask questions about his passions, talk about the topics that interest him.

Remember that the sphere of interests of the interlocutor is divided into six main categories of topics: “people”, “places”, “time”, “values”, “the procedure”, “costs”.

Usually 2-3 topics of these six are preferred, will gladly discuss, the remaining will not interest them. Try to understand what is Read the rest