Anger Man

Let me help you to manage anger and feel less frustrated (15 techniques)

Managing anger is not easy: this is why I decided to provide you with practical tips and strategies to learn how to control it. Usually anger – or frustration – arises without warning when one of our weaknesses is touched or when we find ourselves in a situation that generates in us a sense of impotence, disappointment or opposition. It is, therefore, an unsettling feeling, which blazes in us and impels us to perform actions or to pronounce uncontrolled and decomposed words. There is no scope of our life free from anger: at work, in a couple’s life, in a family, in friendships, in sport or in any other social dynamic. Every opportunity is a potential source of frustration and anger , even circumstances of “little”, which should never ever be taken on the personal and instead too often make us angry: for example, the traffic, the incessant rain, the queue at the supermarket checkouts, the latecomers, the crying baby, the not being able to eat certain foods because they are on a diet, the neighbor’s dog barking, the cell phone battery draining too quickly and so on. It is clear that systematically getting angry at trivial things, we end … Read the rest