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Becoming a great conversationalist

Our quality of life, our social position and our success depend on our ability to communicate. How to become an interesting conversationalist? What are the secret tools of effective communication?

In this article, you will find some suggestions.

1. Learn to listen

To become an interesting conversationalist you have to learn how to listen!

Everyone likes to talk about themselves and their problems.

Knowing how to listen means understanding what the interlocutor communicates. Even if you do not agree, you must respect another point of view. You can express your opinion only after the other party has finished speaking.

Listening to each other carefully, you will immediately become a good listener to “entrust” their experiences and ask for advice.

2. Talk about what interests your interlocutor

If you want to attract a person’s attention, talk about what interests him.

Discover his hobbies, ask questions about his passions, talk about the topics that interest him.

Remember that the sphere of interests of the interlocutor is divided into six main categories of topics: “people”, “places”, “time”, “values”, “the procedure”, “costs”.

Usually 2-3 topics of these six are preferred, will gladly discuss, the remaining will not interest them. Try to understand what is the favorite theme for the discussion, and you will immediately become a welcome interlocutor.

Try to expand your knowledge

3. Try to expand your knowledge

You must be versatile in order to support any topic of conversation. Start reading the classics, learn about the different sectors of activity, try to be always updated on the latest world events.

4. Learn to talk about tea

Learn to tell about yourself and your life in an interesting and fun way.

5. Try to be similar to your interlocutor

People like their likes. So, try to tune in to the interlocutor, but be yourself. “Imitate” the rhythm, the intonation and the behavior of the interlocutor and it will be easier to communicate for both.

6. Language must be clear

You must speak in a clear and understandable way, that is, you do not have to whisper or whisper. The speech should not be very fast, but not even stagnant. In all you must observe the right measure.

7. The sense of humor

Becoming a good conversationalist without a sense of humor is not easy. You should be able (if necessary) to defuse a conversation with a funny story or phrase. You do not have to make vulgar jokes.

8. Smile 

Smile is the main weapon, and therefore, if you want to be a good conversationalist, use a smile during conversation; will allow you to relax both yourself and the other person and start the conversation more easily. But, be careful, you must use the smile at an opportune moment. And, always remember, that even in serious conversations it is important to have a sincere smile.

9. Always look in the eye of the interlocutor

If you want the conversation to be effective and enjoyable, you must look into the eyes of the interlocutor, as this “particular” indicates that you have nothing to hide. Moreover, the look in the eye is essential to establish a contact.

10. The appearance

It’s always nicer to talk to a clean, well-dressed person rather than a messy one. Plus, try to highlight your individuality. If you are a very shy person, you could dare the bright colors in your clothing. They will help you feel more confident, have more confidence in yourself and distinguish you from others.

If you want to become an interesting conversationalist, use effective communication, be successful in life and work, or simply enjoy the people, these little tips will be of great help. ?

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