Month: August 2018

5 great business ideas that you can start without money

Not all enterprises  need a large initial investment, since many companies have started with little capital and have been able to become large businesses.

All part of a good idea, from it, the effort and dedication that is put, will define how successful it will be in a short or medium term. Therefore, with a good business plan , the necessary experience and even with little money, business ideas can become large companies.

1. Wood Profits Review 2019

According to a study conducted in California two years ago, and specifically in Lima, 58% of people could earn from wood working alone in America. Therefore, this is a profitable business where you just need to have the desire to exercise and above all, have a lot, but a lot, patience. You do not need to invest in anything, just love the woodworking be very responsible, since your clients will be trusting you for new ideas. You guys can buy this awesome book to kick start your business:

2. Personal trainer

Increasingly, the tendency to train and have a fitness body is beginning to emerge in our country; Therefore, if you have knowledge in routines, training or even sports nutrition, you can … Read the rest


They say that “everything enters through the eyes”, and it is true. Appearance and image are important. For example, when you go shopping and choose a dress, or a suit, the first thing you notice is its beauty, regardless of the type of fabric with which it was made, the brand, or the price.Another thing very different is if you can buy it or not, but at least you would like to have it.

It is not about discarding inner beauty, in any way. This beauty is the most important because it belongs to each human being, and it is stronger and more lasting in time. Therefore, you must integrate it to physical beauty because that way you feel more at ease with yourself in a complete way, in this way your self-esteem increases. It’s not about you having to be fashionable, but about having your own style, it’s not about pleasing others, but about liking yourself.

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Keep in mind that even if you do not present the stereotypes of beauty that have been socially considered, you should not feel downcast, or believe “ugly” or … Read the rest

How does a psychologist work in a case of depression?

What is a depression?

Depending on the number and intensity of symptoms, depressive episodes can be classified as mild, moderate or severe.

A fundamental distinction is established between depression in people with and without a history of manic episodes. Both types of depression can be chronic and recurrent, especially when they are not treated. In this sense, a great solution to treat this disease is offered by many psychologists, specialized in providing therapy for depression.

Unipolar depression

uring typical depressive episodes there is depressed mood, loss of interest and ability to enjoy, and reduced energy that produces a decrease in activity, all for a minimum of two weeks. Many people with depression also suffer from symptoms of anxiety, sleep and appetite disturbances, feelings of guilt and low self-esteem, difficulties in concentration and even symptoms without medical explanation.

Depending on the number and intensity of symptoms, depressive episodes can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. People with mild depressive episodes will have some difficulty in continuing with their usual work and social activities, although they probably will not stop them altogether.

In contrast, during a severe depressive episode it is very unlikely that the patient can maintain their

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