All About Flat Irons: How To Buy a Best Hair Straightener

In our contemporary society, care for the look is now an important element. In the past our grandmothers used to go to their hairdresser only in certain big situations, when it is almost justified to invest money in their beauty. Until a few decades ago, it would have been unthinkable to achieve professional results by staying at home!

But the times have changed, and now among the most common beauty accessories there is the hair straightener. By investing in a low cost, you can get a hair straightener just like the hairdresser’s!

With your plate, you can not only get very straight hair, but also more special effects such as curls or waves. All at your home, without the help of any professional.

As usual, this is easy to say but a little less to do. There are many models on the market and it is not easy to decide which hair straightener to buy So here is a best list of flat irons for 2018 made by flatironpoint.! Do not worry, we’ll reveal all the secrets you need to know to make your new purchase easier, faster and more efficient.


There are different types of hair straighteners. The most innovative are definitely the steam plates, because they allow you to have a perfect smooth without damaging your hair. Indeed, after each treatment your hair will be even softer and brighter! Initially these models were an exclusive of professional studios, but now they are also used for domestic use.

Each hair straightener has a function in its own right, based on the final effect it offers you. Let’s take a look at the most common models!

In addition to the common straightening plate, you can find the wave plate on the market. As its name suggests, it is aimed at getting wavy hair and is used to give your hair a soft fold. If you want to get a “beach waves” effect, this is the best hair straightener to use! Excellent for a casual and natural look.

The flat irons that are mentioned above all the legendary ’80s and’ 90s, when this look was a must. It consists of two slats with multi-dimensional grooves and different depths. Now this kind of plate is rarely used, but its importance in the history of fashion is undeniable. Icons of music and entertainment like Madonna have populated our teenage dreams and the covers of the most glossy magazines, clearing up a look that could come back into vogue when you least expect it.


Most offers on the market refer to ceramic hair straighteners. It is a material that can distribute heat evenly while remaining gentle on your hair.

The most popular brands have now also launched keratin-coated ceramic plates on the market. This substance protects your hair more from heat, making it visibly brighter at the same time. You could also evaluate the purchase of a ceramic plate with ion treatment, excellent for counteracting electrostaticity. If your hair is too thick, this is definitely the best hair straightener for you!

The hair straighteners on the market are all different sizes. Your choice must also be made by virtue of the length of your hair. If you have short ones, you should prefer a smaller plate, otherwise you will need a larger surface.

This features affects not only your hair straightener but also the prices. It is still a few euros, ergo choose always putting the health of your hair and practicality of use in the first place!


Generally the hair straighteners are smooth and flat, and vary in size. Those that allow you to also get a soft wave effect have blunt tips.

But there are also the multi-function plate, which most of all recall the classic concept of curling irons. There are also tubular shapes, excellent to get curls or a vintage frisé effect and always classy.


Surely a hair straightener is the fastest and safest way to get the look you want every day. These are beauty tools designed specifically to satisfy your every need, and allow you to style your hair at home without having to go to the hairdresser.

These plates are however able to reach high temperatures, which often exceed even 200C °. For this reason, using them always requires a lot of patience and you need to be very careful. Using them too much, or incorrectly, can burn your hair. This involves not only hair breaking, but also the possibility of seeing them fall!

Always pay close attention when using your plate, and if in doubt ask your trusted hairdresser for advice. You will surely be happy to help you choose and teach you how to best use your new hair straightener.


When it comes to hair straighteners, the first thing you think about are the prices. Now the plate has become a common household appliance, ergo you can find models performing even a few tens of euro. What you should really focus on, in choice, is therefore the performance. The hair straighteners may initially look all the same, but in reality there are many different, more or less significant.

Obviously the ideal would always be to invest in the best hair straightener for your hair and your needs. Especially if you live in a damp place and count on using it often, you should definitely choose one that is gentle on your hair.

You must also consider your hair type. If you have long ones, you should select a large straightening plate, on the contrary a smaller one is suitable for shorter hair. At the same time, if your hair is too thin you should buy a plate that does not reach too high temperatures.

Next, it is good to understand what result you are interested in. There are plates only for straight hair, while others can also help you get waves, curls or in general more volume. Obviously the combination of these functions makes the price rise, even if only slightly.

Then there are characteristics that tend to be taken for granted, but they are very important and discriminate the choice of a plate rather than another.

First you have to pay attention to the temperature. Too high a temperature can damage and even burn your hair, but too low requires a large number of passes to give you the right result.

As already mentioned, the size of the plate is also important. This is influenced by the length of your hair, but also by your intention to take it on the road or in the gym, for example. A large plate obviously requires smoothing times, but could easily damage your skin if mishandled. If you feel really demanding, you could even buy two plates: a bigger one for the tips, and a smaller one to finish your tuft and the details of your look .

Do not forget to evaluate the materials too! The best-selling plates are the ceramic ones, and lately the models coated in keratin are very popular. They help you keep your hair softer and hydrated, and protect it from high temperatures. Titanium plates are also very popular lately. They are slightly more expensive, but offer excellent performance and are very durable over time.

An underrated but important element is the possibility of using your new plate even on wet hair. Remember to proceed with this operation only if your plate allows it, otherwise you risk even irreversibly damage your hair.

Obviously also the eye wants its part! A hair straightener must be useful and practical, but also of design and above all easy to handle. Now almost all the models on the market have an ergonomic and thermo-resistant handle, ergo should not be difficult to choose. Then there are the most disparate colors! Some are real design objects to be displayed in your bathroom.

Now you know everything you need to know about the world of hair straighteners. There are no more secrets for you, you are a real expert! The choice could still seem difficult, and the hundreds of models on the market could intimidate you. Do not worry! Just keep in mind all the concepts you have learned in this article to proceed with peace of mind and serenity to your purchase. It takes very little to bring home a high-performance and excellent product, which will treat your look every day as a private hairdresser, which is dedicated only to you.